Global Turf is the exclusive supplier of Capillary Concrete in Australia.

We use the best materials and products to ensure your bunker not only looks and performs at its best but is built to last.  Made by golf course superintendents and greenskeepers this highly durable concrete has been tested in real life situations on different sites and climate conditions.

Capillary Concrete

By only using the best products our work in bunkers on golf courses ensures that it’s strong enough to last many years.

Key features:

  • Made with Light Weight Aggregates and a range of polymers that create a very strong bonding
  • Undergoes numerous tests such as extreme temperature variations, x-ray analysis and microscopic analysis of each bond
  • Strength increases over time
  • Superior moisture control
  • Decreases maintenance and costs
  • 10 year limited warranty

We offer end to end project management of golf courses and your turf needs, see our services.

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Your bunker performs optimally maintaining strength and structure year round, with no need for ongoing maintenance.


With the strength of Capillary Concrete it provides the best return on investment for your golf course, delivering long lasting playing conditions.

Improved Playing Conditions

Play in all weather types for all skill levels. Ease to get out of bunkers while playing a round of golf.