Drainage & Irrigation

Our turf experts understand the interdependent relationship between drainage and irrigation, we collaborate with our clients to provide site infrastructure with a long-term perspective, delivering efficient and cost effective solutions.

Our experts will first asses the topography of the site to identify areas to improve drainage and irrigation and provide a tailored solution by using one or a combination of natural, grid or herringbone designs for effective drainage and employ efficient irrigation schedules practices to get the best outcome.



We understand the critical nature of drainage of any turf site during construction or renovation. For every project, our experts explore a range of drainage solutions tailored to your site, soil and turf needs. We use a combination of primary and secondary drainage designs, which include pipe and surface drainage patterns to keep your turf looking and performing optimally year-round.


Our irrigation specialists are locals, who understand local Australian conditions in each state. Our irrigation designs are tailored solutions that factor in and work with the turf site, climate and with the best products for the best outcomes to maintain your turf.

At Global Turf we collaborate with superintendents and managers to establish a tailored and sustainable irrigation schedule. With changing climate conditions and soil moisture, we work to always implement an efficient irrigation system underpinned by a sustainable approach, decreasing water usage and providing cost efficient solutions.

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