Earthworks and Final Shaping

Global Turf's team include highly experienced turf specialists in earthworks and final shaping.  Our experienced team are able to liaise with a range of stakeholders to take designs, understand them and bring them to life. Our approach is to work with the site and the natural terrain using the best equipment and materials.

With any earthworks and final shaping work, Global Turf will implement a site management plan whilst works are being completed and maintain regular communication on progress of earthworks and final shaping being carried out.  Our team bring over 20 years experience in delivering high quality golf courses, sports fields and racecourses.


At Global Turf, we provide tailored end to end solutions, as well as hardworking operators and the best machinery to meet your turf needs. Global Turf is able to meet any earthwork requirements of your turf surface, these include:
- excavation
- trenching
- levelling
- filling or soil removal.

Our team's expertise in understanding site plans ensures smooth project progress with no unnecessary delays.

Final Shaping

At Global Turf final shaping is an integral step where turf designs of your golf course, sports field or racecourse are brought to life. Our talented operators are some of the best in the industry and work closely with designers to ensure execution of designs are accurate and bring years of experience in working and moulding terrain. Our operators are able to execute designs without compromising the integrity of the surface.