At Global Turf we ensure that project plans and design schedules are clearly established before construction commences so that projects are delivered accurately on time and on budget.

Global Turf's team is dedicated to producing quality work every step of construction and provide regular communication and transparency.

We understand that clear plans, effective project management and stakeholder engagement are key to any project and producing a golf course, sports field and racecourse that is outstanding not only on completion but for years to come.

We work not only with the best team with years of experience and knowledge but with the best equipment and materials to produce a site that operates optimally.


Global Turf uses state of the art survey equipment for all construction. Global Positioning Equipment and Total Station Equipment is used to ensure the projects are constructed to plan.
Our cutting edge equipment ensures we deliver projects to our Quality Assurance System, as well as meeting and exceeding client requirements.

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Leading turf construction of golf courses, race courses and sports fields


  • Accuracy -  our technology such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and Robotic Total Stations (RTS), measurements can have sub-centimeter accuracy.    
  • Timeframe - our use of technology such as GPS, in certain instances, allows our team to be twice as fast and only need half the resources (1 surveyor) than a conventional technology (2-3 surveyors). 
  • Quality - we use new CAD software, which allows us to prepare survey plats faster and are more legible.  Also allowing us to easily make reproductions.
  • Cost - our technology allows us to be effective and efficient saving our clients unnecessary costs in labour.
  • Project Size - we use new surveying technology, enabling our team to conduct surveys on large tracts of land over longer distances.