Turf Renovation

We deliver turf renovation solutions that keep your new turf looking and performing its best for years.

Tailored solutions for your turf needs

Our expertise and knowledge of the numerous consideration factors of turf renovations provide our clients with innovative and transparent renovation programs.  We manage every stage of the renovation from commencement and our team provide a tailored solution that considers existing turf condition, topography but also environmental factors of the site for the best renovation outcomes – fast delivery and longevity of your turf.

Before renovating any turf surface, Global Turf will first identify the primary cause of the turf deterioration by conducting a site inspection, soil testing and review of environmental factors before implementing any program. Once this has been established a tailored corrective measures program can be created and implemented.

In the completion phase, our experts will establish a turf maintenance schedule that balances site and business objectives that can be integrated into existing site maintenance processes to keep your new turf looking and performing optimally for years.

Recently Completed Projects